Exercise lessons

Exercise lessons

Our wide offering of lessons aimed at fitness and wellbeing ranges from bodybuilding, toning all the way to meditation, all under the supervision of experienced instructors, guaranteeing a varied choice, finding the most effective and most suitable group exercise lessons for you.

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AE Body

is a combination of aerobic exercise and muscle building with tools - rubber bands, small weights and overballs - for strengthening all muscle groups. We focus on a correct implementation of strengthening exercises, in line with new scientific findings, while respecting any individual differences between our clients, striving to strengthen any weakened or shortened muscles to develop the potential of the individual client's physique to achieve medical benefits and a general feeling of well-being.


is an exercise which includes a simple choreography in the first half of the lesson, including the toning of all muscle groups. The second part of the lesson is aimed at strengthening and toning of the areas of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Body helps to improve physical fitness levels and firm and tone all parts of the body; its inherent part is also final stretching.

Pilates Institute

is a programme based on scientific research of doctors and physiotherapists, aimed at strengthening of the deep stabilising system of the body. It is characteristic by its emphasis on accuracy, an increase in flexibility and endurance and use of the mind to come to better understand your own body. It is one of the methods of preventive rehabilitation aimed at restoring a healthy posture and creating of new habits in movement of the body, allowing free movement without excessive muscle tension. It is suitable for all who suffer from musculoskeletal pain.

AE mix

is an aerobic exercise at a higher pulse frequency, with an emphasis on strengthening the cardiovascular system, while also breaking down fat and subsequently strengthening all major muscle groups. It is a form of dance choreography combined with fitness exercises. Equipment used: rubber bands, weights, overballs, therabands, big balls, steps.


P-class is a set of slower aerobic exercises aimed at strengthening especially of problematic parts of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. It does not contain any complex choreography nor high aerobics (jumps) and is always finished by stretching. P-class is a suitable exercise for beginners.

Dance fitness

Dance fitness is a new dynamic fitness programme, which combines elements of aerobic exercise and Latin American dance. It uses basic steps of salsa, reggaeton, merengue and cumbia, and more advanced lessons incorporate further elements such as belly dancing and tango. Dance fitness is based on the principle of intermittent cardio workout where you alternate fast and slow steps. This combination leads to efficient fat burning and toning of the body.

Hatha Yoga

This exercise is suitable for anyone who wants to do some stretching, calm the mind and relax from everyday stress. The main focus of the lessons is the teaching of asanas, the individual positions, breathing exercises and relaxation. It is aimed at strengthening of physical and mental health.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga focuses on harmony of the body and soul, development of physical and mental abilities, and reduction of stress and tension. It is suitable as prevention of backache, which is often caused by lifestyle factors: poor posture, poor exercise habits, unbalanced burdening of a given area, unhealthy diet, stress, etc. Power yoga focuses on the stretching of muscles throughout the body, their strengthening and maintaining good body and mental condition.


These are aerobic, strengthening and balance exercises done on large inflatable balls, containing also some physical-therapy elements improving stability and flexibility of the spine and fitness exercises for strengthening as well as toning of the figure. The classes belong among the aerobic type, protecting the joint system of your body to the maximum.

Circuit Training

this is a training method which engages the whole body by using a large number of variable exercises, exercise styles and instruments. It helps to strengthen and build muscle mass and activates effective burning of fat. By maintaining the heart rate at a higher level during the entire exercise lesson, it promotes activity of the cardiovascular system and stimulates metabolism.

Exercise for Seniors

This program is specifically designed for the older generation, focusing on stretching and relaxation of muscles of the entire body. This exercise is intended for people who enjoy exercise at an older age. It includes use of tools (fitball, overballs and rubber bands).

Medical exercises with Pilates elements

This is a calm exercise with relaxing music. The programme focuses on the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, back muscles, spinal muscles and deep abdominal muscles. Exercises from the Pilate's workout system are included.

Abdominal-buttocks lesson

The lesson is focused on strengthening and strengthening the abdominal muscles and buttocks. We easily incorporate leg and arm strengthening into the exercise with the help of light and medium intensity exercise equipment. The lesson is suitable for beginners and advanced students. The lesson starts with a light warm-up (cardio) and then the strengthening part continues. The lesson is always structured differently, so that they are not always the same.

The aim of the lesson is to strengthen the abdominal muscles and buttocks.

Compensatory exercise

The lesson is aimed at everyone. These are relaxation, stretching and light strengthening forms that help and correct weak muscles, muscle imbalance, wrong posture and relax the muscles. The lesson begins with light stretching and subsequent exercises with the help of exercise aids (balls, strengthening rubbers, ...). During the lesson, we focus on proper breathing, endurance in exercise, balance and relaxation.

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