Swimming pool

Swimming pool

A swimming pool with a length of 25 m. and a depth of 1.10 to 1.30 m will provide a sufficient space for leisure swimming and in dedicated lanes also for training. In order to achieve better quality of water without using more chlorine, a UV lamp was installed in the beginning of 2014 into the pool technology. UV rays in the pipelines which bring water into the pool destroy literally all living organisms resulting in its crystal clear quality.

After making a payment you receive a chip from the locker, with the help of which you pass through the entrance turnstile and then you can open/lock a locker of your choice. The chip also serves to lock a special locker for valuables in the area of the entrance hall.

A 15-minute interval is automatically added to the length of the swimming session to allow you to change.

Price list valid from 1. 1. 2020

1 person before 12:0075 min.CZK 100,-CZK 95,-CZK 90,-CZK 80,-
1 person before 12:00135 min.CZK 130,-CZK 120,-CZK 115,-CZK 110,-
1 person after 12:0075 min.CZK 120,-CZK 100,-CZK 95,-CZK 90,-
1 person after 12:00135 min.CZK 150,-CZK 140,-CZK 135,-CZK 130,-
Children up to 15 years75 min.CZK 70,-CZK 65,-CZK 60,-CZK 55,-
student/senior/holder of a disability card75 min.CZK 95,-CZK 90,-CZK 85,-CZK 80,-
Lanes are available for hire60 min.CZK 850,-CZK 850,-CZK 850,-CZK 850,-