COVID opatření


1. Increased Level of Cleanliness / Hygiene

Public spaces (e.g. lobby, front desk, elevators, escalators, bathrooms, hallways), which are high-touch points, are frequently and regularly cleaned and disinfected.


2. Hand Sanitizer Station
Disinfection kits are stationed in public areas, in front of elevators, in front of banquet halls and at the entrance to other facilities to allow our guests to easily sanitize their hands.


3. Protective Barriers
Staff are required to wear face mask/face shields and depending on the situation, staff will wear plastic gloves to ensure the health and safety of guests and employees. Clear protective barriers are placed in between guests and staff at the front desk to prevent droplet infection.

4. Social Distancing
Staff are expected to ensure safety by reminding guests to respect social distancing, particularly when waiting in line at the front desk or at restaurants. The number of people allowed in closed spaces (i.e., elevators, smoking rooms) is reduced to enable safe distancing practices.

5. Ensuring adequate Air Circulation
Public spaces, restaurants, guest rooms, etc. are frequently ventilated.


6. Preventing contact infection
Room keys, guest amenities, and other items are disinfected before being handed to guests.



Bariéry covid

Guest Rooms

8. Cleanliness / hygiene
For all guest rooms, the furniture, doors and door knobs, windows, bathroom, lighting switches and any high-touch points are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

9. Room Item cleanliness / hygiene
Use of disinfectants for sanitization of high-touch points is thoroughly implemented. (TV remote control, telephone, tablet, hairdryer, hangers, etc.)

 zvýšená hygiena

Restaurants / Bars

10. Management
To maintain social distancing, guests are seated apart at a certain distance.
Buffet-style dining is replaced with a new dining style to increase hygiene safety.


11. Cleanliness / hygiene
All tables, counters, and seating are sanitized before and immediately after use.

12. Higher food safety standards
All kitchen staff follow strict food preparation and cooking hygiene standards and wear masks, gloves and hats to enhance food safety.


13. Room service
All equipment used for room service is frequently sanitized. Food and drinks are served with a cover or lid. Also, to reduce close contact, food will be delivered outside the guest room.

 odstupy restaurace

Other Public Spaces

14. Pool / Fitness Gym / Spa facilities
Before using the facilities, guests are asked to undergo a temperature check and a health check.
Social distancing is maintained in locker rooms and training facilities where regular sanitation is performed. In Spa facilities, staff are required to wear masks when performing treatment and will wear gloves at the request of individual guests.

15. Banquet hall
For banquet use, the hotel proposes a layout design that is considerate of social distancing. After set-up is completed, tables and chairs are further sanitized. Disinfection kits are stationed at the entrance. Staff are required to wear masks while serving guests. At your request, protective barriers can be placed between event receptionists and guests to prevent droplet infection.

 konference covid


16. Health check
Before entering the hotel, all staff are required to check their temperature and undergo a health check. Staff are required to wash and sanitize hands as well as gargle regularly. Staff rooms and the back of the house are regularly cleaned and sanitized. Staff are required to maintain social distancing to avoid close contact.

17. Ongoing training
In order to welcome guests safely, staff receive training for infection controls and enhanced awareness to always be up-to-date on the latest cleanliness and hygiene measures.


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