Reservation Rules - Sports Centre Olšanka

  1. Reservation system (hereinafter "RS"), may be found at
  2. To use the RS it is necessary to register first, registration may be made separately through the link above.
  3. For registration, in addition to the user name, a password, name and surname it is also necessary to indicate a valid phone number and e-mail address (in order to receive the activation code and any important communication).
  4. For the full functionality of the system, we recommend that the user name and password is entered without any diacritic.
  5. Immediately after completing the necessary data and its saving, you will receive an email with an activation code. This code is entered after opening of the option, "enter the activation code".
  6. After going through the preceding steps, you are free to log into the RS at any time.
  7. In the upper bar you can select "schedules" - booking of sessions, "personal data" - to change your data and "my bookings" - an overview of any reservations already made or any future ones.
  8. Below the upper bar you will find a calendar with a date where you can enter the date of the reservation requested, select the desired service and an option to view the schedule.
  9. The required service may be selected also by using the icons above the schedule.
  10. Create a reservation by clicking on the box according to the desired time.
  11. In case of making a booking of badminton, after selecting the period of rental and the court, just save your choice.
  12. To book exercise lessons with an instructor, click on the lesson required, and when you see a new window, just click on the "add" button and, where appropriate, after entering the required number of places, save your choice. In such a case that the lesson is fully booked, it is possible to sign up as a "sub." If any reservation of an already booked-in guest is cancelled, all "subs" will be informed through an informative SMS message on a free place at the given exercise lesson. If you are interested in this freed-up place, you need to confirm your reservation online in the reservation system, by phone or in person at the reception of the sports centre.
  13. As regards workout sessions, the trainer with the type of lesson is displayed and below appears the number of booked places / capacity of the lesson / and the number of substitutes.
  14. You do not need to take note of the price setting, the payment is based on the current price list and any use of pre-paid passes.
  15. An overview of your bookings may be found under the icon "my reservations", here you can amend these by selecting "edit", or move or cancel them.
  16. Online reservations may be created for up to 21 days in advance.
  17. Reservations may be canceled no later than 6 hours before the beginning of a sport activity or a massage. In case of a late cancellation or failure to cancel a reservation (in case the visitor fails to appear for a sporting activity) the operator reserves the right to charge the client the full price of the reserved services.
  18. In the event that the client is unable for any reason to attend to his/her already booked lesson, the reservation may be cancelled by phone on numbers 264092448, 606658899 or via logging into the reservation system. A reservation cannot be canceled by e-mail or an SMS.
  19. If the client owns a pass, the relevant amount will be automatically deducted from the pass of which the client will be electronically notified. In the event that the client does not own a pass, the relevant sum will be required at his/her next visit to the sports centre.
  20. Notification of a change of an instructor due to illness, etc. is notified in respect of a given lesson by means of a note. This information is not posted by SMS nor email.
  21. For the best performance we recommend that you run the RS in the Mozilla Firefox internet browser.
  22. In case of complications or any questions, please contact the Olšanka Sports Centre reception, any written enquiries should be addressed to
  23. when creating a profile in the RS, the client grants his/her consent to the processing of personal data and sending of informative e-mails. If the client does not wish to receive informative e-mails, these get cancelled by sending of an e-mail to with the e-mail subject DO NOT SEND.


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