The hands of our professional masseurs will help bring you relief from stress, fatigue, or aches of the head, neck and back. Our massage therapists specialise in sports, relaxation and classic massage, which brings better quality and expertise. Proof of this is satisfaction of our customers who are enjoying a better mental and physical condition.

To book a massage at a minimum length of 30 minutes, please contact the sports centre reception, tel. number +420 267 092 448 or book it online through the reservation system at

Valid from 02. 05. 2024

Classic massage30 minutesCZK 700,-CZK 690,-CZK 660,-CZK 640,-
Classic massage60 minutesCZK 1,050,-CZK 1,030,-CZK 1,010,-CZK 990,-
Classic massage90 minutesCZK 1,400,-CZK 1,380,-CZK 1,360,-CZK 1,340,-
Cosmetic massage30 minutesCZK 650,-CZK 650,-CZK 650,-CZK 650,-
Cosmetic massage45 minutesCZK 850,-CZK 850,-CZK 850,-CZK 850,-
Craniosacral osteopathy60 minutesCZK 1,450,-CZK 1,450,-CZK 1,450,-CZK 1,450,-
Craniosacral osteopathy90 minutesCZK 1,850,-CZK 1,850,-CZK 1,850,-CZK 1,850,-
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