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130 00 Prague 3- Žižkov

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Why choose us

The Hotel Olšanka is an important conference hotel, which has long been popular with both conference organizers and attendees.


The reasons why the Hotel Olšanka ranks among the top convention centers in Prague are:


Comprehensive services

Aside from meeting spaces, the Hotel Olšanka  also offers pleasant accommodations with its 253 guest rooms. To relax and unwind, delegates can choose from 10 sport facilities in the Olšanka Sports Center, including a 25 meter swimming pool, four badminton courts, sauna, and gym.


Location & transportion services

The Hotel Olšanka  is located in the Prague Žižkov district, directly adjacent to the historic city center. The hotel is directly connected to major transportation hubs (Prague Main Railway Station, Prague Masaryk Railway station, Prague-Libeň, Prague Florenc Central Bus Station) via public transportation. In addition, the Hotel Olšanka  is directly connected any time of day or night with the historical center of the city, and is therefore an ideal starting point for the leisure of the delegates.


Capacity & lounge flexibility

The Hotel Olšanka offers one of the highest conferencing capacities in Prague, which is divided into 17 halls and lounges. The largest conference hall offers a maximum capacity of 460 delegates in a theater style.



Besides traditional homemade cuisine and international specialties in its restaurants, the Olšanka Hotel also offers fresh food at conference coffee breaks and receptions. We always individually adjust our offering of refreshments for your event to respect your traditions and principles.


Modern technology and Wi-Fi

Modern conference equipment, together with its professional service and delivery, is considered an essential part of every major conference. We will be happy to help you choose the appropriate equipment and will always make all necessary arrangements for its deployment for your event. Wi-fi is available in all areas of the conference center/hotel, providing high-speed internet connectivity.



The Olšanka Hotel has its own underground parking facilities for cars. 3 parking spaces for buses are available in the outdoor parking lot.